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Terra Aquatica TriPart Micro Hard Water

5,500.00 AMD62,500.00 AMD
General Hydroponics FloraMicro is the first of three basic fertilizers, General Hydroponics Flora, which supplies plants with all the nutrients needed and provides basic elements such as nitrogen, calcium and trace minerals.

Terra Aquatica Silicate

12,500.00 AMD43,750.00 AMD
Description and benefits: - An organic (mineral) additive essential for breeding tall and strong plants, especially if the substrate is water. - Silicate™ is a natural silicate powder containing 65 minerals extracted from ancient, marine, bottom sediments. - The silicate clay that serves as the base of Silicate™ provides the plant with a naturally soluble form of silica, strengthening defenses against pests and disease. - Silicate's natural colloids improve the cation exchange capacity of the nutrient solution, making nutrients more available to plants and optimizing fertilizer supply. - Stabilizes pH and EC levels. - Provides plants with additional essential nutrients (calcium, magnesium).

Terra Aquatica Pro Roots

7,250.00 AMD232,400.00 AMD
GHE ProRoots is a roots activator: - It stimulates the growth of micro-organisms in the roots and favours the development of roots and rootlets. - It improves the biotype of the roots and hardens etc tip. This allows the development of a vigorous root system and a better implantation of the plant in its environment. -It helps the plant to better resist to diseases and mold pathogens (powdery mildew, damping off etc)

Terra Aquatica Pro Bloom

11,500.00 AMD240,000.00 AMD
GHE ProBloom - For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil. Pro Bloom is a growth and bloom activator. One of its specialties is to carry the nutritive elements in the plant, favouring the parts that are most deprived. By securing a balanced nutritive delivery, it increases its power of absorption and growth by more than 20%.

Trikologic S

117,700.00 AMD570,400.00 AMD
Highly effective biological root protector Trichoderma + ultimate protection from root zone problems in hot weather.


5,750.00 AMD83,000.00 AMD
• High quality dry Trichoderma harzianum culture • A vital part of Organic growing, and every commercial gardener’s secret weapon • Trikologic is GHE brand of Trichoderma harzianum: the first beneficial microbial inoculant to become standard in the commercial greenhouse industry.

Terra Aquatica NovaMax Bloom T.A.

7,250.00 AMD41,200.00 AMD
FloraNova Bloom is one part of General Hydroponics FloraNova's mineral nutrition that stimulates rich flower production.

Terra Aquatica pH Up

5,350.00 AMD35,400.00 AMD
Premium pH management and silica source for hydroponics, coco and soil. Control pH and boost silica levels at the same time.

Terra Aquatica pH Down

6,500.00 AMD57,400.00 AMD
Premium pH management and buffering for hydroponics, coco and soil. Not just a simple acid: GHE pH - makes a real contribution to nutrient solution stability

Pro Organic Grow

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Designed to meet the comprehensive needs of all plants through every stage of growth. Pro Organic vegan plant food formulas are specifically designed to meet the comprehensive needs of all plants through every stage of their growth. We base our formulations on ecological principals that maintain respect for the environment while providing plants balanced nutrition. The ingredients are entirely vegan, containing natural plant extracts, sea kelp, and mined minerals.

Terra Aquatica Protect

12,400.00 AMD248,900.00 AMD
Protect by GHE: for all growing methods: hydroponics and soil. Protect is a growth and bloom activator.