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Thank you for visiting iGrow.am. We are an online one-stop shop of competitively priced, quality products backed by a knowledgeable staff of passionate horticulturists. Please read our Terms and Conditions below.


1. The goods are returned or replaced with similar accessories, if they are not included in the non-returnable goods and if they satisfy the below-mentioned conditions:
a) the goods have not been used, the consumer features have been kept and there are proofs of obtaining the goods from the seller (receipt or tax account)
b) for the return or replacement the customer approached within 14 days or in terms mentioned in the warranty coupon of the goods,
c) in case of paying non-cash for the goods, the receipt or tax account should be presented together with the return of the goods.


Payment at iGrow.am can be made in two ways: online or by cash. Online payments are made through the AmeriaBank payment system. We also serve ARCA, Visa, and Master Card holders.

Cash payments are made at the moment of delivery with AMD.


If you are a registered customer, you will receive regular emails from iGrow.am. You may refuse to receive these emails. The “Unsubscribe” button, which you can find in the received letter, will help you in this matter, after which you will not receive any more letters from iGrow.am. The only email you will receive from iGrow.am will be a confirmation email for your orders. iGrow.am does not send unwanted emails “spam”. For more detailed information, you can send an email to [email protected] or call +374 55 900 505.


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