Growing plants in garden pots or containers is the most popular method of horticulture, and easily the cheapest and best way to get started with indoor or outdoor growing for beginners.

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Terra Aquatica CultiMate® 4-pack

187,000 AMD
Highly efficient, easy to use, expandable recirculation system The CultiMate® 4-pack system allows you to install a proper hydroponic system in small spaces, and to tailor size to your needs. The entire system runs off one air pump, and our innovative T-connector design means that nutrient solution is fully circulated in just thirty minutes!

Terra Aquatica Ebb and grow

74,000 AMD
Perfect for balconies, small gardens and indoor use, the Ebb&Grow® lets you grow plants in pots, but with the added advantages of hydroponics. 100L reservoir capacity Super sturdy construction Power consumption just 6.5 Watts Grow in any pots, with coco, clay pebbles or soil.