Good indoor grow lighting is not just a matter of savings and efficiency. LED grow lights also produce a higher quality full spectrum of light, contrary to HPS units. It means that your plants can grow from seedling to flower without any other input of the grower!

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Electronic Ballast EB-600W

35,000.00 AMD
More Lumens output than magnetic ballast Input voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60HZ High Power Factor of 99.9% Work both MH & HPS Bulbs Dimmable: 250W/ 400W/ 600W/ 660W. Short-Circuit, overheat, lamp failure protection CE, ROHS Certificate

6 Light Bars 680 W Pro

676,000.00 AMD
Full Spectrum LED Model E Driver Box in Middle 0-10V Dim (Inventronics Driver) Pro Version (Samsung 3V 301H) Each strip size: 120 cm

HPS Bulb Lamp

6,600.00 AMD14,600.00 AMD
  • Non-luring insects
  • Strong power to penetrate fog
  • High output, high luminescence efficiency
  • Produces a balanced and efficient spectrum of lights
  • FCC Certificated
  • Designed for hydroponic plant cultivation

Premium G-Star Kit Pro with 0-10V Control Function

291,000.00 AMD
Size: 23.5'' L * 14'' W* 10''H/ 27.2" L x 14.4" W x 5.8" H (Flat) Die-Casting aluminum Bracket Imported German aluminum and size 14.20'' x 13'' 1000W Electronic Dimmable Ballast: 600W/ 750W/ 1000W/ 1150W 16AWG/3C SJTW 240V 6-15P Plug cord, L=10FT K12x30s lamp holder, 3KV Model: GL-D6016--1000W, 220V TO 240V

Full Spectrum LED Model C 100W-300W

88,000.00 AMD247,000.00 AMD
Recommended mounting height of 150mm above the plant canopy Passive heat dissipation - no fans Color rendering ra Samsung 3V 2835 Chips Non Dimmable driver Input voltage auto sensing 100 - 277 volt

Plastic Timer Relay Controllers | 4 plugs

90,000.00 AMD
  • Heavy Duty Relay & Internal Wiring Switchable sockets, EU Plugs.
  • Unique design and robust plastic housing
  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC, 50/60HZ
  • Minimum Setting Time: 15Minutes
  • Maximum Setting Time: 24Hours
  • Input power cord: 3 * 2.5MM2
  • Max Power: 4000W

PAR-GRO Double Ended HPS Lamp (Philips PCA)

44,000.00 AMD
  • HPS 1000W/HOR/T25/250V/S;
  • Lumen:140000 LM, 2000K
  • Suitable K12X30S lamp holder, 3KV

Cool Tube GL-C1000 125mm

19,000.00 AMD
  • 400mm glass length, 500mm total length
  • Highest quality internal reflector included
  • With 2PCS reflectors wing
  • 4.0M power cord H05VV-F 3x0.75 mm2
  • With Male IEC Plug
  • E40 lamp holder

DE Ballast 1000W 220V TO 240V

208,000.00 AMD
Case size: 273.5* 178* 92.5mm (10.77'' * 7.01'' * 3.64'') Dimming Type: 600W/750W/1000W and Super output 1150W Input: 120~240V / 50~60Hz, High Power Factor of 99.9% THD<10% Crest Factor<1.7 Short/Open circuit protection, Ignition failure protection, Thermal protection No Fan, Provide the most stable function performance UL/CUL, CE Listed

Double ended light system Hood GL-D2034 | 8″ 3XL DE AC

112,000.00 AMD
Size: 10.2'' Hx27.6'' Wx37'' L Body steel, with white powder coating. Four sides highest quality reflective specular aluminum 15FT power cord #16/3C ST 600V, With 3 Pin Plug K12x30s lamp holder, 3KV Suitable for double ended 600/1000 watt HPS horticulture lamps Two hangers included. Black or White color are optional

600W Kit

110,000.00 AMD
The kit includes:
  • EU Reflector
  • 600W Digital Ballast
  • HPS 600W Bulb